Where to buy discounted down coats

Written By: Kevin Callahan

The cold presents a challenge for many living things, and humans are no exception. In order to cope, it is crucial that people wear protective clothing when venturing out into frigid temperatures. The down coat, composed in part by the soft down feathers of ducks or geese, remains a timeless defender against the bitter cold. When it comes to insulated outerwear, the down coat offers specific benefits not found in other materials, without sacrificing comfort or style. Down coats feature an effective combination of superior insulation, longevity and low weight. In all of these categories, down reigns supreme over alternative insulation materials such as synthetics or fleece. Of course, these advantages don’t normally come cheap; it’s not uncommon to find down coats selling for as much as a few hundred dollars. The following places sell the best coat for cold weather at more affordable prices.

A note on fill power

Before examining where to find discounts, it is important to establish an important marker of the quality of a down coat. The term fill power is normally listed and used to indicate the volume of the down material inside of the coat. Higher numbers signify more efficient insulation at lighter weights. Fill powers range from 400-900, and buyers should generally look for the number to be 550 or higher. A fill power of at least 700 ensures high quality protection.

Discounts from popular retailers

There are a few key retailers that shoppers should be aware of when purchasing a down coat. The Burlington Coat Factory, a national chain with tons of locations, regularly sells men and women’s down coats at discounted prices. Sales of at least 30-50 percent off are common, making this well-known chain store an excellent choice for discount down coat shoppers. Uniqlo has quickly grown to become one of the largest specialty fashion retailers around, and they have a selection of down coats at significantly affordable prices. In particular, their ultra-light down coats sell for a nifty $79.90 each. Other large chain stores like Macy’s offer down coats in various styles and colors. Macy’s regularly features discount codes, promos, sales and markdowns. These major stores all have online shopping available for further convenience. Shoppers can also search for down coats locally while supporting small businesses. There may be good deals at mom-and-pop clothing stores, boutiques and consi
gnment shops.

Shopping online for discount down coats

Exclusively online sellers provide the opportunity for more nuanced explorations of discount down coats. The two most prominent options here are Amazon and eBay. Customers can browse and search on these websites for the exact type of down coat they desire. With thousands of potential individual sellers on Amazon and eBay, a well-made down coat can be found for prices that fit any budget. Further discounts are applied when buying used intead of new products.

Discount down coat takeaways

While down coats generally run on the pricier side, there are numerous ways to procure discounts. As previously mentioned, there are quite a few retailers, both online and in person, that shave a good chunk off of down coat prices. An extra tip for buyers is to take advantage of seasonal sales such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. No matter the price, a down coat of sufficient fill power and from a respected retailer will serve the wearer well for years to come.

Down winter accessories

Written By: Leeann Parks

Down accessories are built for style, warmth, and comfort. Down accessories include jackets, vests, booties, and mittens. These accessories are made of down feathers, which are feathers from the breast or wings of a duck or goose. Down accessories will also use other feathers from other parts of the body of a duck or goose. Makers of down accessories will refer to the feathers as fill, or the amount of feathers that the product contains. Down accessories are made with a quilted pattern that is used to keep feathers in place. The quilted patterns are also used to create a unique style that appeals to consumers.


Down jackets come in many different sizes and colors. Down jackets are perfect for all consumers in any cool weather condition. Jackets are made with different types of fill. Some are made with a lightweight fill that has a smaller fill of feathers. Others are made with larger fills that are made with more feathers for more warmth. Consumers can also find jackets in different colors and styles. With the various types of sizes or fill of down jackets, there are many options available for consumers. Down jackets are made for functionality and style.


Down gloves are made for consumers that are in cold and harsh conditions. The down fill in the gloves allow for hands to be warm and able to move. Some products are made with a drawstring that allows hands to be sealed away from all cold air and snow. Down gloves are also made with water resistant material and gripping capabilities on the palm. Most down gloves have color options available. However, down gloves are made for functionality, not style.


Down vests are great for comfort and warmth, but also allow consumer’s arms to move freely. Down vests are perfect for consumers to wear on cooler weather days. On cold, winter days, consumers can also use down vests as a mid-layer in addition to a coat to provide extra warmth. Many brands produce down vests, which allows for more options with style and colors. Down vests can be used for functionality and style.


Down booties are an excellent alternative to slippers. You can use down booties for comfort and warmth around the house or while camping in a tent. Down booties will compress for easy packing. Most also offer a water repellent material for walking around a campsite or outdoors. While some booties are made for comfort around the house or relaxing outdoors, others are made for severe weather conditions. Some down booties are made with rubber soles and a drawstring closure. This feature will prevent cold air and snow from reaching skin. Down booties can also be made with ice pick rubber for slick, sub-freezing temperatures. Ice pick rubber will harden as conditions get colder and allow a better grip on slick surfaces. When the rubber warms, the rubber will soften. Down booties can be made for functionality and style.


Down scarves are meant for style and functionality. A down scarf can provide extra warmth for consumers on cold, winter days. The Patagonia brand uses old down jackets and will repurpose them to make down scarves. Some down scarves are made with hidden pockets that serve as hand warmers when needed. Consumers won’t find many companies that produce down scarves, which limit the styles and varieties. Down scarves can be used for functionality, but also for style.

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