Top three ways to buy a down coat online

Written By: Ambrianna Freeze

Buying a down coat online does not have to be a hassle. Many companies and department stores have online stores that make finding and purchasing a down coat easier than ever. There are quite a lot of options for purchasing a down coat though, so the search can be a little overwhelming. The best three websites to purchase a down coat from are Amazon, Macy’s, and Moosejaw. Each has its drawbacks, of course, but after weighing the benefits and downfalls of each source, it should not be difficult to choose the best place to buy a down coat online.


Amazon is an excellent resource for almost any product. Among jewelry, cleaning supplies, and decorative pillows there are quite a few down jackets and coats to choose from, like this one. One of the greatest benefits to buying a down coat from Amazon is their free two day shipping for Prime members. Plus, many coats have free returns. The drawback to a site like Amazon is that it does not specialize in down coats, so it may be difficult to find quality products. However, if the coat has free shipping and returns, there is not much of a risk of getting stuck with a despised down coat.


Macy’s online store has a grand total of thirty-six down coats for men and women. Most of them are very expensive, with prices going all the way up to $1,495.00, but sales are abundant, especially if a down coat is bought in an off season like the spring or summer. There is also less risk of accidentally buying a poorly-made coat, as many of the ones sold by Macy’s come with designer labels that can generally be trusted. This coat by Michael Kors is more expensive than ones purchased from Amazon, but it still has the benefit of free shipping. Macy’s online store is an excellent option for someone willing to pay for high quality and brand names.


This fitness and outdoor supply store boasts an impressive selection of down coats in a fantastic number of colors, styles and sizes. Like Macy’s, these down coats do not run cheap; the lowest price seems to be around one hundred dollars. The vast selection, though, makes up for the prices; there are many different coats to choose from. Most coats also come with free shipping, and regular sales knock the prices down quite a bit. There is also a hefty sale and clearance section to help out with the price. Although this website is not quite as well-known as Macy’s or Amazon, it is still a great source for down coats for the whole family.

Finding the perfect down coat can be a hassle in a department store, but shopping online offers a wealth of options for every taste. Amazon, Macy’s, and Moosejaw are the three leading places to purchase a down coat online, with a grand selection and deals that make buying a high quality down coat a simple and decently priced venture.

How to make a down coat

Written By: Adam

Many tailors and craftsmen may be wondering how to make a down coat, but are unsure about the process. Fear not, because down coats are in fact one of the simplest types of coats that can be made. Down coats have always been a popular type of jacket, particularly in the chilly winter months when the temperature drops. These coats have a reputation for having good insulation ability, a light weight and a long lifespan. The secret to these coats lies in the material in which it derives its name.

A down jacket derives its name from the type of feathers that are used to stuff it. Typically, these jackets are filled with soft feathers of a duck while the outer layer is made from materials such as nylon and polyester. Down helps the jackets retain heat, providing warmth to the wearer. Jackets today are often mixed with other materials in addition to down as a way to cut down on costs.

When making a down jacket, it is important to
consider the ideal fill power. The fill power represents the fluffiness of the jacket. The bigger the number, the more insulation the jacket provides. Ideally, in order to get the largest fill number, you should stick to using only down feathers and compact them tightly within the jacket. The higher the number, the better quality the jacket. Fill power is also often referred to as loft.

The next important factor to consider when deciding how to make a down coat is which material should be used to form the exterior. Nylon and polyester are two of the most popular choices because of their durability and ability to withstand harsh climate conditions. After choosing which material, you should decide on a pattern. One popular pattern is the tube wall design, comprised of several smaller compartments, or the box wall design, which is constructed from two outer layers as well as others. Many new designs have arisen over the years, and many variations of the down coat have taken

Decide whether the down coat you are making should include any miscellaneous features such as hoods or zipped pockets. Adjustable hems provide for more control to the wearer when it comes to regulating heat, so that may be a useful feature to consider. One should consider the purpose that the jacket is being used for and weigh the pros and cons. More fill powers means a better quality coat but will also be a lot heavier.

One drawback you may encounter with these coats is that the feathers will sometimes poke out. This can be solved by the use of synthetic material. The synthetic material should be used to wrap the feathers to secure them in place. This will provide a more even surface and give the coat a more polished and professional appearance. In conclusion, when making a down coat it is very important to first consider what the coat will be used for and to base the design accordingly.

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